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Scientists Determine Heap Leach Failure that Caused Landslide in Turkish Mine 70% Higher than Maximum


Flexible Concrete Liner for the Mining Industry – the Lower Carbon Product that can Endure the Test of Time

JUST 4 DAYS LEFT !  – Geosynthetic in Mining – GEOANZ#2 Abstract Deadline on 29 Feb 2024

Geosynthetic in Mining GEOANZ#2 Conference Join Us for a Beer !

Webinar – How Mining Companies Can Secure R&D Grants

How TCO Evaluation Can Support Sustainable Development of Iron Ore Tailings

McLanahan Best Practices for Tailings Management


Monitoring of Chemical Species in Soils, Waters and Plants Near the Active Copper Mine Tailing Dam Ovejeria (Central Chile)

Dispersion of Tailings in the Paraopeba River System After Brumadinho Dam Failure: Brazil

A Multi-Biomarker Approach to Verify Chronic Effects on Earthworms Exposed to Tailings from One of the World’s Largest Mining Disasters

A Metagenomics Investigation of Bacterial Communities in Gold Mine Tailings

Scientists Now Know How the Brumadinho Dam Disaster Happened, and the Lessons to Learn

Nature-based Remediation Options to Environmental Impacts of Mine Tailings

Recovery of Critical Metals from Mine Tailings

Bioleaching for Metals Removal from Mine Tailings Flotation Fractions

Analysis of Uncertainty and Sensitivity in Tailings Dam Breach-Runout Numerical Modelling

Vale Scientists Determine Triaxial Testing Response of Compacted Iron Ore Tailings (IOT) Considering a Broad Spectrum of Confining Pressures

Evaluation of Industrial By-product Iron Ore Tailings and Carbon Fiber Cement-based Materials Under Sulfate Freeze-Thaw Cycles


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