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COSIA Major Tailings Research Report Published AUGUST 2020 [PDF]


Vale Issues Press Statement (Breaking News)

In the Wake of the Mount Polley Mine Tailings Breach: Tailings Dam Design, Innovation, and Practice Changes [PDF]

Recovering Valuable Materials from Tailings Dams by ROBOTIC Suction Dredging

Itronics Company Produces Liquid Fertilizer (Nutrient Metals) from Tailings (Breaking News)

IIoT Solution to Mitigate Mine Tailings Storage Facilities Launched (Breaking News)

Big Banks Respond to NGO Call to End Mine Waste Dumping at Sea and Into Rivers (Breaking News)

Tailings Management and New Standards of Regulation (Breaking News)

Global Tailing Standard: Public Disclosure (Video)

Sediment Record of Mining Legacy and Water Quality from a Drinking-Water Reservoir, New Mexico, USA

Aboveground and Belowground Colonization of Vegetation on a 17-Year-Old Cover with Capillary Barrier Effect Built on a Boreal Mine Tailings Storage Facility

Newmont Seeking Tailings Engineer


Upcoming Webinar – It’s Still About the Environment: Some Great Ideas for Sustainable Mining (Fri. Sept. 4)

Upcoming Webinar: Global Tailings Standard (Friday 4 September, 2020)

Upcoming Webinar on Geosynthetic Applications Used in Heap Leach Mining (Wed. Sept. 23)


Rapid Tailings Analysis Service – Characterization of Tailings by Microscopy, PS and XRD (just $300/sample)

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