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Brazil Sounds Alarm on Structural Integrity of More Tailings Dams (Breaking News)

Central Asia Metals (CAML) Suspends Operations at Sasa Plant After Tailings Leak (Breaking News)
London-listed Central Asia Metals (CAML) has suspended operations at its Sasa processing plant in North Macedonia after tailings leaked into a local river.
News of the leak triggered a 17% drop in CAML’s share price on Monday.

Radar Technology that Can detect Movement in Tailings Dams Tops QLD State Engineering Awards (Breaking News)


The Role Of Technology And Innovation In Improving Tailings Management (Special Feature)

Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative Prepared For The Global Tailings Review

Full Beneficial Reuse of Tailings – TECH looks to ‘zero waste’ outcome for NQ plant


Tailings Treatments using Geotextiles – #1 – Capping of Ponds Using Geosynthetic Reinforcement – Chris Lawson

CSU: Proposed Laboratory Investigation into Electroosmotic Dewatering of Mine Tailings

Reclaiming Tailings Sustainability

Recovering Valuable Materials from Tailings Dams by ROBOTIC Suction Dredging


GHD Seeking Technical Director – Tailings Engineer

GHD Seeking Graduate Civil/Geotechnical Engineer – Tailings Dams

Adelaide Role for Tailings Dam Project Manager


Operational and Construction Impacts on GCL Performance in TSFs

A Review of the Hydro-mechanical Behaviour of Tailings and its Importance to the Stability of Tailings Dams

3D Numerical Modelling of Tailings Dam Breach Run

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