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China-backed Mine in Indonesia Tailings Dam Failure Poses High Risk, World Bank Watchdog Warns

Attention: Professionals Working on Mine Tailings (Survey)

Brazil Mining Tragedy Compensation Talks Fail

Symposium Addresses Socioeconomic Impacts of Fundão Tailings Dam Failure

Do Australia’s Mine Tailings Contain a Wealth of Rare Earths, Right Under Our Noses?

Itasca Expands its Consulting Work in Tailings Dam Projects

Comprehensive Analysis of the Stability of Tailings-Geotextile Composite—Iron Mine Tailings Dam [PDF]

A New Route for Redress in the Samarco Case? An Overview of the Simplified Indemnification System’s (Un)Lawfulness

Remote-Controlled Mini Dredgers for Pumping Tailings from TSF

Transitive Kriging for Modelling Tailings Deposits: A Case Study in Southwest Finland

On the Use of the H/V Spectral Ratio Method to Estimate the Fundamental Frequency of Tailings Dams

SWOT and PESTLE Analysis for WSP Global


A Model of Environmental Degradation in the Paraopeba River, for Rainy Seasons After the Rupture of B1 Tailings Dam, Brumadinho, Brazil

Revegetation of an Area Impacted by Iron Ore Tailings: Evaluating Fertilization Alternatives in Native Pioneer and Secondary Trees

Seed Germination, Initial Growth and Leaf Anatomy of Seedlings of Four Tree Species Grown in Mine Tailings in Brazil

A Quantitative Sustainability Assessment for Mine Closure and Repurposing Alternatives in Colorado, USA

Application of Bauxite Tailings in the Development of Alternative Building Materials

Machine Learning Models for Mapping Potentially Toxic Elements and Assessing Human Health Risk in Soils Affected by Mining Activity

Safe and Efficient Recovery Technique of Horizontal Isolated Pillar under Loose Tailings Backfill; A Case Study in a Zinc-Lead Mine

Consolidation Behaviour of Various Types of Slurry Tailings Co-Disposed with Waste Rock Inclusions: a Numerical Study

Tailings Rehandling: Replacing Trucks with a Slurry Pipeline

Study on Consolidation and Strength Properties of Tailings with Different Particle Size Distribution Characteristics

Mechanical Response of Filtered and Compacted Iron Ore Tailings with Different Cementing Agents: Focus on Tailings-Binder Mixtures Disposal by Stacking


Jones & Wagener Seeking Tailings Engineer


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