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Three Killed After Tailings Dam at South African Diamond Mine Bursts

Monitoring Tailings Storage Facilities with Satellite InSAR Data

Tailings Dam in South Africa Collapses – Several Dead

Video of South African Tailings Dam Breach:

ICMM Issues Statement on Jagersfontein Tailings Dam Failure

Troubled South African Tailings Dam had History of High Water Levels

Jagersfontein Mine Owner Stargems Says Tailings Facility was ”Safe and Secure”


Analysis: No Reduction in Tailings Dam Failures Over the Past Two Decades

Vale Report on History of Tailings Dam Failures: Impacts on Access to Safe Water and Influence on the Legislative Framework

Stranded Worker Rescued from Glencore’s Tailings Dam

Geotechnical Site Evaluation and Stability Analysis of a Tailings Dam, A Case Study [PDF[


Effects of Mineral Additives and Age on Microstructure Evolution and Durability Properties of Sand-reinforced Cementitious Mine Backfills

Concrete Made with Iron Ore Tailings as a Fine Aggregate: A Step towards Sustainable Concrete

Effect of Iron Ore Tailings as Eco-friendly Aggregate on Mechanical Properties, Pore Structure, and Sulfate Attack and Dry-Wet Cycles Resistance of Concrete

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Composites Based on Iron Tailings: An Effective Strategy for Industrial Solid Waste Utilization

Influence of Iron Tailings as a Filler on Rheological Behaviour of Asphalt Mastic


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