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In-Depth analysis of the Jagersfontein Tailings Dam Disaster [1]

In-Depth analysis of the Jagersfontein Tailings Dam Disaster [2]

High Resolution Satellite Imagery of the Jagersfontein Tailings Dam Spill


Geotextiles for Reinforcement Bridging Soft Coal Fines, Tailings Storage Closure

How Tailings Dam Decommissioning in Brazil is Generating Business Opportunities

Rosebery Mine Revenue, Profit Drop as MMG’s Tailings Solution Quest Continues

Modelling the Transport of Tailings after Mount Polley Tailings Dam Failure using Multi-Source Geospatial Data

New Patent for Procedure to Use the tailings as Construction Material Giving it Waterproofing Characteristics and Reducing its Cracking Resistance

ICMM Addresses Mine Tailings Reduction Ambition with New Roadmap and Initiative

Researchers Working on Smart Drone Capable of Preventing Tailings Dams Failures

Interview with Marcelo Llano is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with Red Earth Engineering Pty Ltd in Brisbane Discussing Challenges Regarding Tailings Management Practices


Monitoring of Chemical Elements in Soils, Waters and Plants Near the Active Mine Tailing Dam in the Central Zone, Chile

Comparing Institutional Responses to the Mining Tailings Dams Collapses in Mariana and Brumadinho (Brazil) from an Environmental Restorative Justice Perspective

Tailings Dam Geotechnical Stability Improvement due to Flocculants Treated Fine Tailings Dewatering

Using Integrated Geophysics to Assess Potential Effects of Tailing Dam Leakage

Experimental Study on Static Stability of Tailings Dam with Geotextile Tubes [PDF]

Parametric Study of Seismic Slope Stability of Tailings Dam

Potentially Toxic Elements in Iron Mine Tailings: Effects of Reducing Soil pH on Available Concentrations of Toxic Elements


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