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Tailings Dam Failure at Ananea Puno Mineria, Peru in the foothills of the Andes – 26 November 2021

Dramatic Video Released of Peru Tailings Dam Failure 26th November 2021


A Case Study of Las Palmas Tailings Dam Failure

A Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Framework for Assessing Geotechnical Risks of Tailings Dam Closure [PDF]

Leaking Through Geomembrane Defects Overlain by Tailings

Learning from Nature in Tailings Dam Design

Application of a Critical State Model to the Merriespruit Tailings Dam Failure

Environmental Justice and Corporate Social Irresponsibility: the Case of the Mining Company Vale S.A

Mexico Denounces the Spill of Mine Tailings in a Tributary of the Pánuco Rver, Concordia

Preliminary Approved Inventory of Tailings Dams

Mining leaves toxic dump: 585 tailings dams in Mexico

In Mexico there are 585 Tailings Dams: Semarnat


Tailings Dam Conceptual Design with Geomechanical Material Properties Approach to Determine Safety Criteria

Identification of Potential Phytoacumulator Plants from Tailings Area as a Gold Phytomining Agent,143978,0,1.html

The Effect of Assumed Residual Strength on Remediation Cost of a Typical Tailings Dam—A-Parametric-Study-on-the-Effect-of-Assumed-Resi/links/617db5263c987366c3094acd/Sarantonis-et-al-2020-A-Parametric-Study-on-the-Effect-of-Assumed-Resi.pdf

Waste Management of Disaster Affected Areas from the Zinc-Lead Enterprise

Sustainable Tailings Management: Improvement of Tailings Geotechnical Behaviour Using Bio-additives

Integrated Three-dimensional Laser Scanning Implementation for Monitoring Tailings Dams

Hydration Characteristics Investigation of Iron Tailings Blended Ultra High Performance Concrete: The Effects of Mechanical Activation and Iron Tailings Content


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